Friday, May 13, 2011

Cake-making Day!

WeiFeng and NaNa came over to bake a cake today! We arranged to bake one for the May babies' birthdays (and also an excuse to prove that NaNa can bake! LOL). 

We baked the same chocolate cake I baked for his birthday, but didn't want to use the buttercream frosting (too sweet). Something that gave us space for decorating. And so... we did a simple whipped cream frosting and used colorful mini marshmallows to do up the sides. 

Chocolate cake recipe is from I Am Baker for the Best Chocolate Cake! Indeed, it's the best I've tasted so far! =D Whipped Cream Frosting from Joy Of Baking!

Almost doneeee!
NaNa, one hand decorating, the other eating.
Very pretty cake!
This has got to be the prettiest cake I've ever made (yes I have no creativity =/)!! 

Update (14/5/2011):

Ann adding words!
Happy Fur-Day
Happy Fur-Day to the May babies: Edwin, Andrew, Jiawen, Florence, MinMin! =D

Inside of the cake!
The layers aren't very even, but it's the thought, effort and most importantly, TASTE that counts, right? =D

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