Sunday, May 08, 2011

Best Friend Run 2011

Best Friend Run was this morning! It's finally here!! Went to pick Eunice, Echo and Nugget up, then went to Gentle Paws but the main gate was still locked so we went to pick Kar up and headed straight for East Coast instead. Cl, Ann, Edwin, Nana, Wy came with Gentle Paws' dogs + Droopy afterwards~~

 He is so big already!!
Junior during the walk
 We signed up for the 2km fun walk with dogs, not the 5km/10km/15km ones. Maybe next time?

 It was actually pretty tiring, because we went in slippers. Hahahaha. Should've brought shoes along. =.=

Group pic of Gentle Paws' participants!
Ahhh. Forgot to take picture with Eueu and Kar with Echo and Nugget =( Had to rush off to send Echo and Nugget home, then head straight for school all smelly and icky.

Time to lookout for dogwalks!

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