Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sushi Kanazawa (formerly known as Sushi Kikuzawa)

Seriously, this has GOT TO BE the BEST SUSHI BUFFET EVER! I'm not kidding you. 

Was out with Sis and my bf, and we couldn't decide what we should eat in town (oh the crowd). We wanted to eat Japanese food, but the queue at Itacho Sushi @ Ion was maddddd. Bf recalled this place he saw online and we did a search, and called to enquire about seats. Yay!

Inside Sushi Kikuzawa
We were a little lost about what we should do, but we decided to go for the buffet! First time trying something like that, because it's an omakase (お任せ) style of dining. It means to entrust your entire dining experience to the chef and let him decide what to serve you for the entire course of your meal. Typically the freshest catch would be served to you.

You can always reorder things that you ate and liked, so no problems. Although they only serve one serving of sashimi, the rest you can always order again.

Tons of pictures ahead! Anyway, I loved the whole dining experience. Absolutely loved it. For someone who cannot decide what to order, this is perfect. Hahahahaha.

Minced tuna in sauce
A serving of sashimi.
You get one serving of the above assortment of sashimi, and unlimited of the other kinds of sushi. And also, their wasabi is SO AWESOME. For someone who doesn't like wasabi, I think I'm a convert. But only for fresh wasabi. It's so so so good.

Abalone > Unagi > Aburi Salmon
I love anything aburi (blow torched). Really. So damn good.

Hotate and some fish? 
I'm bad at naming fish. Haha Just eat.

Minced Tuna belly!!!

Their Chawanmushi is made to order. For someone who does not really like chawanmushi, this is pretty good! Must try.

Cold Somen
Minced Tuna Belly and Ebi!
You can tell how much I loved the Tuna belly.

Ebi > Uni (sea urchin) > tuna
No matter how many times I try Uni, I still cannot bring myself to like it. =(

Aburi salmon and tamago!!!

Nikujaga (Stewed Chicken & Vegetables)


Another order of my favorites

Jelly to finish it off.
Ummmm. Can I just say that the above was all that I ate, alone? Other than the jelly. No wonder I'm so fat. But happy fat. LOL. I'm coming back here again!!!!

Sushi Kikuzawa  Sushi Kanazawa
360 Orchard Road
#02-13 International Building
Tel: 6738-3833

Open: 12noon - 3pm; 6-10pm

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