Monday, April 04, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary, Gentle Paws & Friends!

Time passes really fast. I still remember Gentle Paws being an empty space and us helping to paint the place a week before the opening. Then, we were awkward and didn't know what to do. We didn't know anyone. But we went back for the opening day.

So on and so forth, I've been there almost once every weekend. If I'm not wrong, I've only missed going to Gentle Paws no more than 5 times. After a long and tough year, we're now actually a part of the committee. Though I think I hardly contribute much, but it's a nice gesture, to be included in things. =))

And so, we've now crossed a milestone! We are now A YEAR OLD! =D Party preparations were crazy. I remember panicking about the actual day. We booked a chalet for a night for a bbq, invited people, made party packs for each dog, ordered bbq food, bought a cake, planned a schedule to follow, delegated duties and had loads of stress beforehand.

I remember yesterday being a mad rush because timing was very important. 

Happy Birthday banner!
Couldn't find any "Happy Anniversary" banner. Lol.

Happy Dillon

Happy Dribble

Happy DaElle

Sleepy Mario

Happy DakDakDei and Darwin

Happy Doris

Lady (why no smile?)

Hungry Poker

Pretty Poker

Happy Darryl
Everyone helped!! Some volunteers came with extra food for the furkids, some came with toys. All came with love!

Meal for the day!
Yesterday's meal consisted of the usual kibble and rice, with meat and macaroni&cheese!

Mac & cheese

Chicken legs

Party packs!
I couldn't help cook the party packs the night before because of Grandpa's birthday. =( But Ann, Edwin, Weifeng and Chinleong did an awesome job!! May goodies inside the bags and each labelled lovingly for each furkid. But I didn't stay to feed them. Wf and I went to collect the cake, collect the bbq food delivery, check into the chalet and set everything up.

Happy Dillon with a bone in his mouth.

Happy 1st Anniversary Gentle Paws!!

"We are ONE!"

Cut cake!


A video I made from snippets caught here and there...

Happy Birthday

Gentle Paws!!
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  1. Thanks for checking out our humble blog. We're always happy to meet another animal lover in the blogosphere. We've caught up with most of your posts on Gentle Paws and are impressed by your photography! We'll be happily following your blog.

    P.s. Hope it's not too late to wish Gentle Paws & Friends a Happy 1st Anniversary! Keep up the great work!

  2. @Happy.Bark.Days

    Thank you! I love Miss Maple's pictures too! Can see your love for her through the pictures! =D

    And nope, it's not too late to wish us! Haha. =D