Saturday, April 02, 2011

Grandpa's 79th Birthday

As per usual, we went to Hua Yu Wee at Upper East Coast to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. I love the seafood there! Last year's entry.

Food was more awesome this time round though. Hahaha. I think the amount of crabs/lobsters we had was kind of scary. We even had to have the leftovers packed for takeaway. I foresee crab-eating for the next few days... 

Oh and I sat at the other table from the Grand
Siu Toh, or longevity buns.
Seafood Beehoon?
This was tasty!

Tauhu Goreng
Grandparents' favorite. And it it really awesome. There's a bowl of sauce to be poured onto the tauhu goreng separately to keep the tauhu from going soggy.

Bamboo clams!
We had one each. It was niceeeee!

I can't tell different fish types for the life of me. And this fish is SO SWEET. Very very very good choice to order. 

We did away with Lobster salad this year, and simply ordered fried butter lobsters (we usually have a mixed platter of both). I LOVE THIS TO BITS. I like lobsters more than I like crabs. Hahahaha. =X

Roast chicken.
I don't usually eat roast chicken during such dinners. I don't even know why Grandpa ordered this. He doesn't even eat chicken. =.= 

Steamed Crab
The crabs were very very fresh and had loads of meat! So awesome. But I was quite lazy to use my hands. And I was waiting for the other crab dish...

Chilli Crab
Woohoo Chilli crab!! I absolutely love the gravy! Not to forget the most important thing for chilli crab is...

Deep Fried Mantou
...the Mantous!!! I can eat this all day. Serious. I think I love the gravy and mantous more than I like eating the actual crab. But maybe it's because I have to peel the crab. Heh. Claws are the best.

Fruit Platter
Are mangoes in season already? Because the mangoes in the fruit platter were so very sweet!

Mango cake
I wonder how many pictures of mango cakes I have taken over the years. LOL. Bengawan Solo has finally changed their mango cake design. 

My Grandfather
<3 my Grandpa.

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