Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Muffin and Snowball!

Muffin and Snowball turn ONE today!!! I realized I didn't really blog a post to introduce them and all that other than this, which wasn't very informative. BUT! This isn't going to be much more informative anyway. HHAHAHA.

Left: Snowball. Right: Muffin
PICTURES OVERLOAD AFTER THE JUMP. You know you want to see.
This picture took my heart away. This was the picture that made me go do a visit to the fosterer. And again. And again to pick them up.
Muffin's Old Adoption Page at CWS
AIYOH SO CUTE. But truth be told, I didn't see Snowball's adoption page, because usually they'll list kittens from the same litter in one page, so I didn't see her. =X

Snowball's Old Adoption Page at CWS
Anyway, I visited, and fell in love. At first, I planned to visit a few more fosterers before making a decision. But. I didn't even arrange to go visit any others afterwards. =D

Eh, wait. I visited Angel's Pet Shop first. I saw her.
Pretty girl
Pretty calico colored girl, but terribly shy. So it was a no-go. =(

Picture that Sis said "yes" to.
Initially, we only wanted one kitteh. But if we took one, and if the other was not adopted, will be released to be a stray. HOW COULD WE SAY NO?!?!? Especially when I saw both of them playing with each other.

So I brought both of them home with me for a trial stay before confirming the adoption. They didn't leave after that. LOL. <3 

1st picture together
Both of them have their own personalities. But you can tell they love each other, alot. They clean each other, sleep together, play together, etc etc. Though Thierry was in a perpetual bad mood for the 1st 2 months. The trial was to see if Thierry would take to them. Apparently not, but it's getting better. =))

5th June 2010
Snowball. Her small squinty eyes!!

8th June 2010
Muffin and her squinty eyes too!! Do all kittens look like that? LOL

24th June 2010
Forever looking like she just woke up. They're very different from Thierry. Always wanting attention (totally not Thierry). And they slept on my bed with me at night! Thierry hated it because it gets too warm. And I move around when I sleep. But the kittens don't care! =D Though I had this insane fear that I'd squash them in my sleep because they were so small and so fragile. No chance of that now. Hahaha.

11th July 2010
Sleeping together <3 Hugging, no less. So we signed the adoption agreement. =D See the fat belly? They couldn't stop eating. Now they're overweight. AHHHHH So difficult to control their diets. 

24th July 2010
Then came the time for them to get sterilized. I was a very very very worried mama. 

14th September 2010
Poor Snowball. Her fur that got shaved off looked very obvious because of her color. I think her belly still looks a little bare. 

15th September 2010
Stitches on Muffin's tummeh. See her fat belly! Muffin actually managed to get her stitch out. I panicked. 

16th September 2010
I didn't take many pictures using my dslr in between then and now. But then again, I did, but too many pictures to squeeze into one post. =(

16th January 2011
Muffin and Snowball in Stitch outfit! =D So adorable.

2nd February 2011
Can you see the change in her facial expression? You know you want to scroll up to see her kitten picture to compare!

2nd February 2011
Snowball and her funny face. She seems to have a perpetual 'shocked face' in pictures. Hahahaha.

3rd February 2011
3rd February 2011
Chinese New Year! =D

Okay some random photos now!!! Mostly edited using Instagram

Muffin, when she could still fit on my tummy.
Her tummy used to be flat! Lol
30th June 2010
22nd November 2010
They're... Bigger now. Hahahaha. 

Pretty eyes.
Intense look
21st June 2010
4th July 2010
26th July 2010

Most recent picture. LOL

They grow up so fast. Hahaha. =') I feel like a proud mother. 

And so, that's the story of how we ended up getting 2 more kittehs instead of one. Hurhur. The more the merrier, right? =D


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