Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Genting Highlands!

After such a long time waiting/counting down, we finally went to Genting!!
Eueu's mama booked a room at Highlands Hotel. The only 5-star hotel in Genting? Coooool. Also, according to Genting's website, bookings are open to casino guests, WorldCard (Silver & above) members only. Double cooooool.

Haven't traveled with Eueu and Kar before! Even with Eueu's mama around, it wasn't too bad. Haha. Cos she was mostly in the casino other than meal times and bedtime.

Echo! (no, he didn't go)
Went to Eueu's house with Kar to stay the night so we could all go to the pick up point for the coach together. Actually just an excuse to spend an extra night together. =D

On the way there!
The coach was super comfy. Had fun eating gum! I think I ate gum only once or twice after removing my braces. D: Not such a huge fan anymore. =X Oh we had the usual pit stop at Yong Peng where everyone gets off to pee and get some food. I love the Ramly Burger there!

First thing we did after reaching was to find proper food.

Beef noodles
The beef noodles were not bad, but crazy expensive. But when your tummy's hungry... Next, after getting our bellies satisfied, we went to check-in!

Our room!
The view was good! There were 2 double beds in the room so 4 of us could share. Plus the bathroom had a bathtub! (First World Hotel's bathroom is the pits)

Julius! (and getting molested)

Eeyore, Stitch and Julius!
We brought these babies along! Julius goes on all trips with me =D
Tea Eggs! Not to be missed!
Prepaid cards!
Um. We can't live without the internet. Hahaha. Thus the prepaid cards. And we even bought the prepaid internet thing (Kar brought her netbook). Sg still has the best prepaid card (with internet). Connection in Genting is so bad!!! Can't load tons of stuff and it makes my phone try so hard that the battery runs out so fast! Sg is still the land of the fast internet connection.

Coffee Terrace's dinner buffet
Eueu's mama rocks! She treated us to a dinner buffet at Coffee Terrace! The food there is very fresh and has standards (the one at First World Hotel is... not worth it). 
As mentioned yesterday..
Haha I love this picture. Top: Sept 2005, Bottom: March 2011. I wonder if we'll be able to take another one in another 5-10years' time?

Then we went a little mad:
Some of our mad jumpshots. Yes, we did it in the carpark just outside our hotel (that's the carpark in the above picture, as seen from our room). Yes, we did it in the open, Yes, it was cold and windy. Yes, there were cars. Yes, there were people. Yes, they were staring. LOL. Self-timed shots FTW. Yes, IT WAS WORTH IT.

I can't exactly remember what we did the whole 3D2N, other than eat eat eat and laugh laugh laugh.

Some hotpot/hotplate buffet dinner.
Oh try the sweet potato stall near the Flying Coaster is MAJOR YUMS. Please go try it if you have the chance. It's a tad expensive, but oh so worth it.

Our first time ever, playing Dance Dance Revolution. Super embarrassing. And I can't dance for nuts. Hahaha. And erm, yeah, those are our watermelon slippers we bought there.

Imitating the Guilinggao standee.
We kept walking past this standee (it's life-sized!) and wanted to do it tons of times but the staff were always near the entrance. We finally gave in and bought a guilinggao to pose like the standee. Hahahahaha.

Oh and I had Baskin Robbins on 2 days. And they charged me a different amount both times. It was the same size. =.= But Baskin Robbins is gooood.

We didn't go to the theme parks this time round. Kar doesn't trust the roller coasters. Hahaha. But we still managed to fill our time like crazy. =D Genting has got to be the only place I can remember the layout of the place no matter how long I've not been there. It's so easy to walk around there. And I still get lost in my neighborhood. =.=

Dimsum for lunch before going back!
The trip was too short!!! We had so much fun laughing and rolling around. They make awesome travel buddies. I wonder if we'll travel again together soon. Hehe
Watermelon slippers!!! With identical toerings =)
That, was so fun. 

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