Monday, March 07, 2011


This is Droopy. He was found in a drain.

Vet estimated that he's about 3-4mths old now. Had some infection causing him to have swollen paws for awhile after being rescued, but he's totally okay now!

He's very emo-ish, always sitting in a corner sleeping or just watching the world go by. Very unlike puppies his age. Maybe it's the fact that he has been living on the streets since he was born.

So adorable!
His barks does not sound like that of a small dog, at all. Not even close to a puppy-voice. His barks are totally big dog style, low and loud. 

My fav picture of Droopy.
He's up for adoption. Not HDB-approved. Do you know anyone who might want to let Droopy into their life? Please contact Gentle Paws at =)

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