Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunset Grill & Pub

We (Mich, Zk, Jh & I) finally went to challenge the Level 30 Buffalo Wings at the much-talked-about Sunset Grill & Pub. Actually only Zk and Jh ate the level 30wings. Hurhurhur.

Mich and retarded ZhongKai
Getting there took us superbly long. Because the roads were not marked clearly, at all. We tried following the direction to "East Camp", but when we actually did find East Camp, we were still nowhere near the damned place. GPS did not help either because it brought us to 2 dead-end roads. ALL BECAUSE THE ROADS WERE RENOVATED (or whatever you call it). LOL

When we finally got there, it was awesome! Because we were greeted by the amazing sunset!!

Unedited from the iphone!
Look of shock on Zk's face
The waitress actually double-confirmed with us if we really wanted to order the wings. LOL. And she specified that we only needed to eat 1 per person to get our names on the Wall of Fame and also a printed certificate from them. LOL 

When he saw the Level 30 wings. (flash)
We were there for dinner before Zk goes to Aussie to study. =( 

Add caption (w/o flash)
Yummy Level 2 wings!
Anyway the place was too dark indoors and I had to resort to using flash. And as a temporary diffuser, tissue paper. LOL. But aiyah, fun night out, no need for perfect pictures, right? =D

And so the guys started by debone-ing 1 wing, each. I tried a droplet of the chilli using the tip of my fork, and it burned all the way down my throat. I could actually feel the blazing hot trail it left down my throat. T___T

Removing the meat from the bones before eating.
Hahahah Damn unglam.
Zk in shock
Michhhh!! <3
And so they finished their 1st wing! Zk took longer, and ermmmm. Both of them teared. LOL.

Gobbling water like no tomorrow.
The wings are scarily spicy. I think people tend to order that on their 1st time there, challenge it, then order other stuff the next time they return again. Hahaha. I would love to try the other things on the menu!!

By the way, the Level 2 wings were pretty awesome actually! I wouldn't mind eating them again. Quite tasty!

Pork ribs!
The ribs were not bad, but by the time we were done watching the guys eat the wings, the ribs were kinda cold. And I think the mains should be served before the wings.

Lamb chop
I like the baked potato so much!! Ordered an extra one to eat. Actually, the baked potato also helps to 'cool down' the spiciness from the wings. Hurhurhur.

The crazy guys ate THREE WINGS EACH. CRAZYYYYY. Looked totally like a torture to eat those wings. =.= Thank goodness I had Level 2 only. =D

To stick on the Wall of Fame.
Very happy Zk.
Hahahaha. By the end of the night, both of them ran to the toilet a few times. Jh went 3 times?? Plus a raging stomach burning sensation all the way home. =.= I don't think they'll challenge the wings any time soon. Though I did find out that the highest level is actually Level 35. LOL

All in all, awesome day! Zk please look after yourself properly in Aussie hor! =)) 

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