Saturday, January 01, 2011

Start of a New Year; 2011

2011 already!!! So fast. And guess what? As per usual, I didn't keep my resolution for 2010. Okay maybe ONE. Like take more pictures. =.=
1/1/2011 was spent outside Marina Bay Sands, watching the fireworks. Was with him, Mich and Zk, with a bunch of photogs he knew. Erm. This is the 1st time I ever 'counted down' outside of home to the new year. Exciting! But so many people (duh).

Oh ya, we had steamboat for lunch at Zk's place! Lol. Super fun. Steamboat in the afternoon. Hurhurhur. Then we headed off to Marina Bay Sands. to look for a spot to 'camp'. There were areas actually cordoned off and police facilitating the number of people entering the blocked-off areas. We got into one, set up camp and sat around to chat. At around 8pm. SO EARLYY!! 

But catching up was fun. So much to talk about. =) And watching fireworks with photogs means that nobody wishes each other "Happy New Year!!" When the clock strikes 12midnight. Instead, everyone's busy pressing the shutter on their cameras. =.= I was at a severe disadvantage due to the height of my fake Gorillapod. LOL People crowded in front of me!!! I even tapped a lady to ask her to move a little out of my way >.< 

But super glad I did! Because I managed a few awesome pictures! Before the smoke started floating our way (which took like 10secs to do so).

1st shot and love the expression on that guy's face!
2nd shot. Everyone's taking pictures of the fireworks.
3rd shot! And everything else cannot be used because of the smoke.
My New Year's Resolution for 2011: (must make some)
1) Seriously, lose some weight.
2) As per usual, take more pictures
3) Upload pictures from camera, edit and upload to blog asap!! 
4) Do something about my room
5) Sleep early.
6) Take better care of my skin
7) Study hard
8) Earn more money
9) Save money
10) Be happy

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