Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Room finally PAINTED

I've been wishing to paint my room for the longest time, ever. Finally, Mum gave me a can of paint for Christmas last year! Yeah, weird gift, but I asked her for it. =D To actually start the process was to get the paint. So paint gotten, then Dad said I needed to paint the ceiling too. =( After procrastinating a few weeks after Christmas, I went to buy white paint for the ceiling. Another step down. It's super difficult to paint my room, because I have loads of furniture inside. I can never be minimalistic. =X 

The entire reason for the rush to paint my room was because Dad and Bro bought me 2 bookcases from Ikea for my birthday! YAY! I was still trying to figure out when I could get the money to buy them. I need more storage space. =D 

So yesterday, auntie and I shifted most of the things out of my room and got down to work! =D

My wall is damn gross.
The old paint was supposed to be sky blue, but after like 10years, it's now...yellow? =.= And I used to plaster the wall with posters. The rectangular poster marks are still there. =X

My awesome auntie
 She painted almost the entire room herself. I helped too! But I sucked at it. Because I had school and other things, so I was kind of rushing around the entire day. =( No choice, because it's the only fair-weather day so far. Can't paint when it's raining (which is almost everyday) because the paint won't dry and might get mouldy.

Dad setup the bookcases today after the paint dried! Need to buy the doors soon! Kar, Eunini, Siti, Jas gave me a $100 Ikea voucher for the doors! Wahahahaha. Can't wait to go buy them.

My Billy Bookcase
=D Can you see my shelf of Hello Kittys? I can finally display the one he gave me!! =D

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