Friday, January 14, 2011

My Limited Edition Hello Kitty

He gave me this some time ago. =D I think it was 2009's anniversary?? It has been in my cupboard since, because I didn't have a place to display it. Now I can!! Photos taken using Instagram on the iPhone. 

Hello Kitty <3
400% Kubrick Quolomo x Medicom Toy - Sanrio HELLO KITTY (Limited Edition) 
Height: 280mm
Tokyo based label QUOLOMO collaboration with MEDICOM TOY in the creation of a 400% KUBRICK, Sanrio’s HELLO KITTY, adorned with its signature red bow tie. 
I love the bow tie!!! So awesome
Limited Edition
I remember checking the prices on ebay with him, and prices have increased! This is a super collector's item. =D <3<3<3

Left to right: From him from Thailand, From him, From arcade in Japan, From arcade in SG. =D
All authentic okay! Now I'm worried it might turn yellow in the sun now =( And I still have the McDonald's, yet to be displayed. >.<


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