Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kittehs and my Clothes Obsession for them

Uhhhh. I feel quite sorry for my kittehs actually. =X I keep buying clothes for them, making them wear the clothes, pose for some pictures, then buy more clothes. Vicious cycle. Heh. BUT THET ARE SO ADORABLE!! Don't worry, I don't let them wear the clothes for more than 15mins, so stop your protesting about how animals shouldn't be wearing clothes. It's for the sole purpose of photography + entertainment.

Anyway as I was saying, I ordered some clothes for them from China. Yeah, seriously, China. I found out about this 'middleman' that can help purchase stuff from China, and decided to give it a go. Hurrr. I have nothing I wanted to buy and since CNY is so near, I went to search for some CNY clothing for the kittehs. They're my babies, you see. =D In the process of looking for the CNY themed clothes, I found this... costume. Of Stitch. I COULDN'T RESIST. Like, duh. But they only had one size left. Luckily, it's Muffin and Snowball's size. And a little small for Thierry. But he can fit into it! 

So the clothes arrived on Fri, and I took some photos with the iPhone. Dad laughed until he cried. =.= But they were really adorable!! So yesterday Sis made them wear the clothes again (because she didn't see it on Fri), and I took out the DSLR to snap some better pictures of them.

I'm typing nonsense as you can see. =X

BUT THE PICTURES ARE SO WORTH WAITING FOR! (unless you've already seen some them on Facebook LOL but not all are there MUAHAHAH)

Lol. My poor baby. *sayang* He was angryyyyy! I have the bite marks to prove that. =( But a picture is still the best!! I'm so going to print some pictures for my wall. =D

"Don't want to think about it"



I love this picture!!! 

I love my awesome kittehs. Hahaha. Thumper doesn't get clothes because I can't find anything small enough. =(


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