Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis!!!

Hurhur. Celebrated Sis' birthday one day late today at Whampoa Keng. Pardon the weird coloring of all the pictures. I was trying to edit raw files. =( Seems like I haven't mastered it, yet. T__T

Okay on to happy things!

Grandma and Sis
Sis and Grandpa
Bro and I
Grandpa and Dad talking
I just realised I don't have any pictures of Mum. Hhahaahha. Maybe because all these were taken while waiting for her. =.= And Auntie was blocking my view of Mum. Hurrr.

They don't have the set meal this time round because it's very near the CNY period already. So we had ala carte.

Fish Steamboat!
Fish from the steamboat!
We ordered an extra serving of fish! Super yummy. The soup base was really good! I love the yam in the soup. Cooked to perfection! The staff kept topping up the soup for us too! *thumbs up* I don't know why I saw bad reviews about this place. I like it leh! But the desserts... can have some improvements. Hurrr.

Marmite pork
Ordered the wrong kind of pork, and this has bones. =.= But still yummy nonetheless.

Salted egg yolk prawns
Niiiiicccccceeeee. I'm into food cooked with salted egg yolks now! So yummmmy! (but also very fattening T_T)

Stir fry asparagus
Did you know that asparagus is one of the more expensive veggies? And I love them. =D

This. Is. The. Best! I think all the yam stuff here are damn good. They really know how to cook their yam. Lol. I think we polished off the yam ring itself, but not the stuff inside the yam ring. D: Is it possible to get the chef to cook us the ring alone, without filling?? =D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR SISTERRRRR!!! (you are now 1 year older =X)

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