Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis!!!

Hurhur. Celebrated Sis' birthday one day late today at Whampoa Keng. Pardon the weird coloring of all the pictures. I was trying to edit raw files. =( Seems like I haven't mastered it, yet. T__T

Okay on to happy things!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kittehs and my Clothes Obsession for them

Uhhhh. I feel quite sorry for my kittehs actually. =X I keep buying clothes for them, making them wear the clothes, pose for some pictures, then buy more clothes. Vicious cycle. Heh. BUT THET ARE SO ADORABLE!! Don't worry, I don't let them wear the clothes for more than 15mins, so stop your protesting about how animals shouldn't be wearing clothes. It's for the sole purpose of photography + entertainment.

Anyway as I was saying, I ordered some clothes for them from China. Yeah, seriously, China. I found out about this 'middleman' that can help purchase stuff from China, and decided to give it a go. Hurrr. I have nothing I wanted to buy and since CNY is so near, I went to search for some CNY clothing for the kittehs. They're my babies, you see. =D In the process of looking for the CNY themed clothes, I found this... costume. Of Stitch. I COULDN'T RESIST. Like, duh. But they only had one size left. Luckily, it's Muffin and Snowball's size. And a little small for Thierry. But he can fit into it! 

So the clothes arrived on Fri, and I took some photos with the iPhone. Dad laughed until he cried. =.= But they were really adorable!! So yesterday Sis made them wear the clothes again (because she didn't see it on Fri), and I took out the DSLR to snap some better pictures of them.

I'm typing nonsense as you can see. =X

BUT THE PICTURES ARE SO WORTH WAITING FOR! (unless you've already seen some them on Facebook LOL but not all are there MUAHAHAH)

Lol. My poor baby. *sayang* He was angryyyyy! I have the bite marks to prove that. =( But a picture is still the best!! I'm so going to print some pictures for my wall. =D

"Don't want to think about it"



I love this picture!!! 

I love my awesome kittehs. Hahaha. Thumper doesn't get clothes because I can't find anything small enough. =(


Friday, January 14, 2011

My Limited Edition Hello Kitty

He gave me this some time ago. =D I think it was 2009's anniversary?? It has been in my cupboard since, because I didn't have a place to display it. Now I can!! Photos taken using Instagram on the iPhone. 

Hello Kitty <3
400% Kubrick Quolomo x Medicom Toy - Sanrio HELLO KITTY (Limited Edition) 
Height: 280mm
Tokyo based label QUOLOMO collaboration with MEDICOM TOY in the creation of a 400% KUBRICK, Sanrio’s HELLO KITTY, adorned with its signature red bow tie. 
I love the bow tie!!! So awesome
Limited Edition
I remember checking the prices on ebay with him, and prices have increased! This is a super collector's item. =D <3<3<3

Left to right: From him from Thailand, From him, From arcade in Japan, From arcade in SG. =D
All authentic okay! Now I'm worried it might turn yellow in the sun now =( And I still have the McDonald's, yet to be displayed. >.<


Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Room finally PAINTED

I've been wishing to paint my room for the longest time, ever. Finally, Mum gave me a can of paint for Christmas last year! Yeah, weird gift, but I asked her for it. =D To actually start the process was to get the paint. So paint gotten, then Dad said I needed to paint the ceiling too. =( After procrastinating a few weeks after Christmas, I went to buy white paint for the ceiling. Another step down. It's super difficult to paint my room, because I have loads of furniture inside. I can never be minimalistic. =X 

The entire reason for the rush to paint my room was because Dad and Bro bought me 2 bookcases from Ikea for my birthday! YAY! I was still trying to figure out when I could get the money to buy them. I need more storage space. =D 

So yesterday, auntie and I shifted most of the things out of my room and got down to work! =D

My wall is damn gross.
The old paint was supposed to be sky blue, but after like 10years, it's now...yellow? =.= And I used to plaster the wall with posters. The rectangular poster marks are still there. =X

My awesome auntie
 She painted almost the entire room herself. I helped too! But I sucked at it. Because I had school and other things, so I was kind of rushing around the entire day. =( No choice, because it's the only fair-weather day so far. Can't paint when it's raining (which is almost everyday) because the paint won't dry and might get mouldy.

Dad setup the bookcases today after the paint dried! Need to buy the doors soon! Kar, Eunini, Siti, Jas gave me a $100 Ikea voucher for the doors! Wahahahaha. Can't wait to go buy them.

My Billy Bookcase
=D Can you see my shelf of Hello Kittys? I can finally display the one he gave me!! =D

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Birthday Dinner at Mouth Restaurant


Birthdays after the age of 21 are quiet affairs. Lol. And I actually walked into Tiffany&Co for the 1st time in my life! And we lost $50 at the arcade. =(( Bad luck day for fishing. T__T Dinner with family after!

I've been wanting to go back to Mouth Restaurant since his birthday last year. I can still clearly remember the taste of the salted eggyolk pork chops! SUPER YUMMMYYYY! And he asks how I can remember food tastes. LOL. For some reason, I remember very clearly the tastes of food that I love. Or crave. Serious. And I remembered eating super awesome mango pudding at Mouth Kitchen (before they all closed down) last time. These were the 2 items that I wanted, badly.

Salted egg pork thingy!
 IT WAS STILL AS AWESOME AS EVERRRR!!! But serving was so small... =(( Should've ordered a bigger plate. T____T BUT SO SO SO GOOD. Omgosh I want to eat it again and again and again.

Peking Duck
 I think Peach Garden's nicer. Has to do with the crepe thing. This was kind of thick and chewy, while Peach Garden's was thinner and softer. Oh we got them to use the duck meat for yeemee. No picture because they were individually served. Heh.

Handmade Egg Tofu with Veggies.
 Not bad! I think I eat egg tofus only. =.= Normal white tofus has weird taste.

Chilli Crab!
 Chilli crab was spicyyyyyy. Not bad for a chinese restaurant. Lol. No idea why we ordered that though.

I think I'll just order the salted eggyolk pork thingy, some veggies, rice and a mango pudding next time I go. Lol. Heaven.


Overall, I'm super happy I got to eat the salted eggyolk pork thingy. Muahaahhahahahaha.

Had a photo with him, but my face turned out totally weird. Maybe because I was laughing. My face looked contorted. =((

Happy birthday to me! =3

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Start of a New Year; 2011

2011 already!!! So fast. And guess what? As per usual, I didn't keep my resolution for 2010. Okay maybe ONE. Like take more pictures. =.=
1/1/2011 was spent outside Marina Bay Sands, watching the fireworks. Was with him, Mich and Zk, with a bunch of photogs he knew. Erm. This is the 1st time I ever 'counted down' outside of home to the new year. Exciting! But so many people (duh).

Oh ya, we had steamboat for lunch at Zk's place! Lol. Super fun. Steamboat in the afternoon. Hurhurhur. Then we headed off to Marina Bay Sands. to look for a spot to 'camp'. There were areas actually cordoned off and police facilitating the number of people entering the blocked-off areas. We got into one, set up camp and sat around to chat. At around 8pm. SO EARLYY!! 

But catching up was fun. So much to talk about. =) And watching fireworks with photogs means that nobody wishes each other "Happy New Year!!" When the clock strikes 12midnight. Instead, everyone's busy pressing the shutter on their cameras. =.= I was at a severe disadvantage due to the height of my fake Gorillapod. LOL People crowded in front of me!!! I even tapped a lady to ask her to move a little out of my way >.< 

But super glad I did! Because I managed a few awesome pictures! Before the smoke started floating our way (which took like 10secs to do so).

1st shot and love the expression on that guy's face!
2nd shot. Everyone's taking pictures of the fireworks.
3rd shot! And everything else cannot be used because of the smoke.
My New Year's Resolution for 2011: (must make some)
1) Seriously, lose some weight.
2) As per usual, take more pictures
3) Upload pictures from camera, edit and upload to blog asap!! 
4) Do something about my room
5) Sleep early.
6) Take better care of my skin
7) Study hard
8) Earn more money
9) Save money
10) Be happy