Monday, December 20, 2010

The Year 2010

This year, I did several things. Mostly about Gentle Paws

1) I started volunteering at Gentle Paws with him since their opening day.
2) We became regulars and are now part of the 'committee'. Though I'm kind of useless regarding such things.
3) I made more friends (mostly from Gentle Paws)!!! (Amazing feat, actually)
4) My DSLR's shutter hit 10k in March, and is nearing 14k soon. =X
5) I ADOPTED 2 MORE KITTEHS!!! (Wah, best choice, ever)
6) Had my 1st ever stay in a hotel!! Marina Bay Sands!!! Thanks Eunini =))
7) Went to MBS, twice more. Wah love Eunini much!

Actually, this year just flew by. I'm not very sure how, but it did. At times when I thought it was slow, but thinking back, time really flew by.

Grateful for everything this year, so may everything be better next year!


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