Monday, December 20, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree~~

Erm I setup the Christmas tree, finally. This is our 3rd year with our 1st tree and I have this feeling there won't be a 4th year for this tree. =( Because you see, it's the kittens' 1st Christmas, and they've never seen a Christmas tree before. And they went crazy over it. =.= And they love climbing. Lucky I remembered and just set up the tree and stringed the lights only. No ornaments. I wonder how they'll react when the ornaments are up.

Muffin taking a bite
Snowball sniffing around
So far, only Muffin has successfully made it up the tree, and stay there. Snowball tries but keeps sliding down. =.=

And the tree has toppled over once, after a mere 2hrs. =.= Plugged in the lights for some pictures, but keep the lights unplugged the rest of the time. I don't want to electrocute them. Zzzz

 So this is what it feels like to have kittens. Hahahaha. Thierry never did any of those crazy things. Maybe just sleep on the tree-skirt and look cute. =D

How prepared are you for Christmas?

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