Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mum's Birthday at ChompChomp's

Celebrated Mum's birthday today; one day in advance! Went to ChompChomp's for supper! 

 Don't care if I get hepatitis, I'll never give this up. Super awesomeeeee.

Oyster Omelette!!
 The oyster omelette at the stall we always order from is the bomb! The chilli is damn good too.

Sambal Stingray!
 This was good too! But I love the next item the most...

We've never ordered this before at ChompChomp's. Hahahaha. So bloody expensive! We ordered 3, one each for Mum, Bro and I. SUPER NICEEE!! But still, so expensive. =.=

Mum's going on a 5night cruise tomorrow and Sis is still in Europe. =( 

Happy birthday Mummmmy!

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