Monday, December 13, 2010

Clothes for Kittehs

I went a little crazy during the adoption drive and flea market for Gentle Paws over the weekend and bought some clothes for the kittehs. All I can say is that they're adorable to the maxxxxximum!! 

Although they're not necessarily happy about it....

Santa Thierry!
 I actually managed to find dog clothes that he can fit into. Omgosh. Lol. I wonder why people don't make clothes specially for cats. Cats don't have that true collarbone thing so dog clothes are always too big around the neck. =(

And there was that adorable outfit for the girls... I always buy a pair, so no, I didn't make them take turns for phototaking. =X

Had to do some major salvage of Snowball's picture and use some photo effects because I took the picture at night, and the picture was almost all black. =.= And she kept hiding in corners. Zzz. Muffin is more at ease in clothes and the ultimate camwhore. Lol.

BUT LOOK AT THAT POLKADOTS AND BERET!! Actually the polkadots side is the inside, and it's just plain black on the outside. Polkadots are cuterrr!! =))

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