Monday, December 06, 2010


Wah wah wah wah! Time flies!!! So long already. LOL

Oh here's the ultra rare photo of us together! <3<3

Giant Stitch at Bugis
Soup Spoon for dinner!
Receipt says Mon December 6, 2010! Hurhurhur.

Mushroom soup
Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Beef... Goulash??? 
Chicken Mushroom Wrap
Salad face...? 
I hate the salad, by the way. It's super yucky. =.=

We walked walked around Iluma/Bugis/BishanJ8. Very nice, simple, relaxing date~ =D Haven't done this in a long while. Hurhurhur.

Hurhur. <3
His mouth was filled with food LOL. XD

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