Sunday, November 28, 2010

Marina Bay Sands!!!!!

My bunch of lovelies
Had another stayover at Marina Bay Sands to celebrate Eunini's birthday!! 
In attendance: Eunini, Kar, Shan, Jas, Radiah, Siti & me!
Went to check in with Eunini and her mum in the afternoon.

Our room got a free upgrade and cityview!!! There's nothing to see on the other side, so don't bother. Please take the city view. And we got the 45th floooorrr. Super high up. 

Awesomely huge room
Instead of 2 single beds, we had a king-sized bed with a sofa bed!! And it's so much bigger that the previous rooms. And loads more than the previous ones too!!!

Lol look what we found!! A Nespresso machine with complimentary Nespresso coffees!

So awesome
Making coffee.
Oh ya. The room had a dvd player (didn't remember having one), and the alarm clock was not the usual digital kind! It had an Ipod dock with speakers!! Hurhurhur.

View from the room.
Oooo. Vertigo.
Obligatory 'me' photo. LOL =X
And so because the others were not here yet, Eunini and I went upstairs to the Sky Park to get a tan, what with the sunny skies and all. We managed to stay out in the sun for like 40mins only. =.= Bloody hot, but could see clouds in the distance. Whaaaat....


Then is was back to the room to lie around and be sloths. Jas and Shan came to join us soon afterwards and we watched loads of Tom 'n' Jerry cartoons. Old school!

Then is was off to Marina Square to meet Kar and Radiah! We walked there from the hotel, because Eunini didn't bring her ezlink out. Lol.
Mr. Curry!!
Food was SOOOO good! Maybe because we were all hungry. Lol. 


Shan is a photo-bomber.
Kar gave this to Eunini.
Then off we walked to Suntec for Carrefour to get snacks and drinks~~ Took a bus back to MBS.

Radiah and Eunini the Birthday Girl

And up to the Sky Park we go again! I hate taking the lifts at MBS. Too damn fast, and I keep getting blocked ears. =(

Then it's back to the room!!

And when you get a bunch of girls together with a camera and a remote control.... all hell breaks loose, again. =.= Hotel rooms are perfect for camwhoring. =X All in good fun, all in good fun.

Okay now everyone, please look at Shan's expressions in all the pictures. She's the one in green stripes.

And then it got messy because everyone wanted to be in the pictures..........

Hi Radiah
Drinkkksss =X
Lol cheater one.
We had Coke, Sparkling Red and White grape juices. Hahahahah. =X

Called for room service for someone to open the sofa bed. And!!! Wah full service. Lol. There's even bed linen!

And the sofa bed was comfy too!! Eunini, Shan and I slept on the sofa bed. Siti came over like really late. Jas and Radiah took the bed, but apparently Kar and Siti slept on the floor. =.= They said it was comfy. Zzz.

So we cut the cake, and drank the drinks. Hurhur.

And tried taking emo shots.

I can't do emo, but Eunini sure has the 'emo face' down pat. =/

Night view
And ermm...
Shan smack on the window.
The window is actually like that /, slanted. I was quite paranoid that the glass might give way, but this woman here has no fears. Even about falling 45 storeys down. =.= 

No more pictures of day 2 because we went up to the inifinity pool to swim and I didn't bring my camera out. Hurr. So I've had my tan even out a little now. =) But I guess that won't stay that way for long. =.= 

Home sweet home! =))

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