Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harvey Norman Sale!!

 Uh. Happy Thanksgiving? Lol. Received a Harvey Norman Catalogue last night, and I actually went out and bought something. I've been looking for this for a while, so it's justifiable!! =X Black Friday tomorrow btw. Lol. Major shopping?!?! Already done. =D

I've been looking for a hi-fi set for awhile, but always couldn't find something... affordable and fits all my requirements. Lol. Very cheapo, I know. But technically, electronics spoil very fast, so I don't want to throw too much money into it.

Must have:
- DVD player (most only plays CDs if they have the other options)
- FM Radio (like, duh)
- USB input (to play movies on my tv)

Good to have:
- AUX in
- Ipod/Iphone dock

And, must be a trustable brand. Yes yes, I'm so picky. Lol. But I don't have enough space to have another player on my console. No space!! So I literally jumped when I saw this offer. It has all I want, and 2 docks! Though I have no idea why I need 2 docks..

JVC DVD Micro System for $155!!!
 WHHEEEE~~ Like a wish come true! So Sis picked me up from work and we went to Milennia  Walk's Harvey Norman and bought it!! There were only 3 sets left. I was so worried it'll be sold out I called twice during the day to confirm stocks =.= There was another set of the same brand that was almost similar, but with only 1 dock. I almost got that, but with the offer, it was like $4 more than this, and the sound was only 40w. This is 100w! Lol I have no idea what I just said. I only know it's better. =X

And the saleslady who served us was very well-versed in tech-talk. She knew all her stuff. Might head back to get a TV (Sis is buying). Hahahaha. =D

Thierry exploring the big box.
 Dad helped me set it up, but I'm not taking a picture because the speakers are on either sides of the TV, and looks weird like that. LOL. Maybe once I'm done with revamping my room. =D Bookshelves next!!

By the way, there was this 'offer' in the catalogue. Monster Lady Gaga Earphones for $240, and comes free with Sony 2GB MP3 worth $74...? Free MP3 with purchase of earphones..? 1st I've heard of. Hmm.

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