Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Eunini + Tangled [3D]!!

Happy birthday BFF!! <3<3<3 Was in school, and decided to surf the movies app to check if Tangled was out, AND YES IT WASSSS!!! Watched the 11pm show at Bishan J8. =D Nice way to end her birthday. =))

(Picture Credits: IMDB)
 Tangled (a.k.a Rapunzel) is voiced by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi!! ZACHARY LEVI!!! <3!!! Hurhurhur.

Anyway, went to the arcade to pass time b4 the movie started, and we caught these!!

Happy Birthday!!
Hurhur. Extremely cheap too. Lol. $11 for 2. Wah super happy. They're Stitch tissue box covers btw. But so awesome to hug! 

Bought the combo with the cup!
 RAPUNZEL IS SO PRETTYYYY. Love her hairrr!!! But, her hair varies in length in the movie. LOL. I know it's not possible to get it perfect, but still... Hahaha.

(Picture Credits: IMDB)
 FRYYIINNNGG PANNNN! Awesome weapon of choice. =D

(Picture Credits: IMDB)
 The chameleon Pascal is super cute too! Haha flower. =X

(Picture Credits: IMDB)
 The lanterns are so beautiful! The 3D effects for this was really good. Could see the lanterns floating around. So pretty! And did anyone realised that the lantern that Rapunzel's touching is the one the King and Queen lit...? It's the only one with the logo..

(Picture Credits: IMDB)

Wah I love Disney Movies!!!! <3<3<3 Especially the princesses. But.. She looks so different from the classic princesses, I wonder how they're going to add Rapunzel with them and not look weird. LOL

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