Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marina Bay Sands

Over the weekend, Eueu invited us over to stay at Marina Bay Sands. =D So after the presentation at school, we both made our way there to meet her mum and go up to our room!! Hehehe. And while waiting for the rest to reach, we... camwhored. Hahaha. Inevitable when you have a tripod and a remote control for the camera. Muahaha. Greatest buy, ever. Though I know boyf will disagree. =X It's a girl thing. 

Anyway, I did the pictures up in collages because there were too many pictures to upload. If I do in it collages, the probability of me updating earlier is higher because there're not many pictures I have to upload. Hurhurhur.

Pictures are from Eueu's new Ixus100IS and my trusty D5000. Sis has kidnapped my T70.

Eueu, Me, Jacy, Jas, Siti in the infinity pool.

Some random pictures
The fisheye and color swap functions on Eueu's cam was really fun!!! More pictures about that later.

Eueu and I
Yes, we were being retarded. =X But it's fun! I shall let the pictures do the talking.

I jumped too high and hit the ceiling. T_T

Death by hairdryer. And Eueu didn't move in 1/2 the pictures.
Fisheye........? LOL
Colorswap. Can you spot the charcoal-ed us?
Dining in!
Erm. We got so lazy comfy in the hotel room that we ordered McDelivery instead of going to meet Siti and Jacy for dinner (Mac too). And we watched 'Ai' for 2 hours. O.O Because Jas didn't know what it was about. LOL

Went up to the Skypark after Siti and Jacy came. 57th floor!
Sands Skypark
No swimming because it was too late already.
Tower 1's lifts were closed when we wanted to head back to our rooms, and we had to make our way to Tower 3's lifts, go to level 1, and walk back to Tower 1. =.=

Got back to our room and was bored watching MTV, so Eueu and I decided to camwhore. Like crazy. The rest are now officially old because they refused to join us. =( Nevermind. We had fun in our little corner!! *lovelove*

I keep sitting with my knees together, feet apart. =( Habit. If I put my feet together, my knees/lap becomes higher (not resting on the sofa). Bleh.

Side ponytails
Ponytail on the top
Act romantic (LOL)

Went up to the Skypark the next morning for a swim and hopefully a tan (for them, not me), but it rained overnight and the sky was kind of overcast. =( But... somehow I'm the only one who managed to get darker. =.= 

Love the group picture!!
I'm awesome at self-timer. LOL. But the couple behind totally spoilt the picture. =(

Erm. LOL.
Went back after an hour because it started drizzling. T____T I want to go again!! So while waiting for the rest to finish bathing, we (meaning Eueu and I) started taking pictures again. With the wineglasses in the room. Hahahahaha. Hey, it makes for a very good prop, okay. But we were drinking ice lemon tea, not wine. =X

We came up with a list of 'possible display pictures'. And we have ALOT now. My 2 favorite pictures below to end this entry!

Awww. =D


  1. cool

    you there already.. me? herm not sure when

  2. Oh I was there last Sat and Sun!