Saturday, October 02, 2010

Day 275 - Echo Went Swimming

Went to Upetgamart with Eunini (and Echo)! I brought Doris and Dillon along too. Hur. 1st time using my membership card to use the pool. Echo gets jealous when I hold the Dillon/Doris' leash. =.= 

Anyway, had fun! Echo was super funny. He kept disturbing this other chocolate labrador on land, and that dog took revenge when Echo went into the water by pressing Echo into the water, trying to drown him. =.= Echo isn't a good swimmer. I had to save him. 

Doris swam a little but I think she got freaked out because the water was kind of deep. Dillon simply refused to go near the pool. He was having fun walking around the place, making friends. =) 

Wonder when will be the next time we go again.

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