Friday, October 15, 2010

Dad's Birthday Dinner at Whampoa Keng

Today we went to have dinner together at Whampoa Keng to celebrate Dad's birthday (which is tomorrow). He was the one who suggested eating there. Haha. Fish head steamboat!! Been so long since I last ate that.

Whampoa Keng
Flamin' steamboat

Look! Fish! 
The fish was like super fresh and very sweet! The only thing Grandparents and Parents complained about was the lack of fish head. LOL.

We had the set for 8? I think. Not too sure, but the dishes came with the set. 
Egg Toufu! 
 I don't usually eat toufu, but this was really really good.

Marmite pork
 Love this!! Meat was tender and the sauce was just nice.

Sea cucumber with veggies.
 Not bad. And that's fake abalone by the way. =.=

 This was interesting. Chicken was roasted and sliced like a suckling pig. Not bad, I must say. But I don't fancy chicken much.

Cereal prawns!!!
 Love the cereal!!! And they gave a generous serving of that!!! Prawns were not bad, but I love the cereal to bits!!

Yam ring.
 The only thing I love about yam rings is the yam ring itself, and the green pepper inside. Lol. This yam ring is awesome.

We had complimentary dessert in individual cups. Guilinggao/Mango jelly/Almond jelly. I had the guilinggao and it was not bad!! The mango and almond jellies sucked. Lol.

The aftermath
Whmapoa Keng. 556 Balestier Road, 116/118 Rangoon Road.
We ate at the Rangoon Road outlet, by the way. Not as crowded at the one at Balestier Road, and sfood wasn't bad too! Go try it!

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