Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Garden Slug

 Finally had dinner here! =) Been wanting to try The Garden Slug for a long time. Hehehe. Finally went there with him to try the food. I'm not a food blogger, so my food description is.... Lol.
Tom Yam Chowder
I lovvveeee the bread at the side!! So nice to dip in the soup! Soup was good too =D It's in the Weekly Specials though. So it might not be there anymore when you go back. 

Fried Mushrooms? (Can't remember name. Lol)
 These mushrooms are so juicy!!! LOVEE! But abit oily. And the sauce at the side is sweet. Weird at 1st, but it grows on you. Lol. Not bad. =D

Babyback Ribs w/ a spiced cilantro sauce + baked potato nibblets + homemade 'achar' by side
This was his. Something interesting. The meat was tender, and the achar was okay.

Wagyu Beef Burger
 MY WAGYU BEEF BURGERRRR. =D Nice! But I didn't know whether to use my hands, or to use the fork and knife. I ended up dissecting it with the fork and knife. =.= I like this!! But... meat was a little... cold? And I don't like wedges. Lol.

Overall, I liked the place very much! Very relaxed atmosphere. And they don't have service charge. Though he did tip them. And service was good too. Waiter kept topping up our iced water, again and again. Haha. I would love to go back there again! And also to visit the pet shops + get Thumper's nails trimmed. =D

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