Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 257 - Snowball

Snowball and Muffin got spayed (sterilized) yesterday. And Snowball came back with a shaved spot on each of her arm, while Muffin only had one on her right arm. I wonder if the vet did it on purpose because it's more obvious on Snowball (I'm joking). 

They came back all groggy and couldn't really walk straight because of the anesthesia. They had to fast from Sunday night till the surgery yesterday (Monday), and being the greedy pigs they were, they woke me all bright and early to feed them. =( So hard to say no. And they only ate after they got back at around 7pm!! That's more than 12hrs without food!!! *heartbroken*

I have a whole A4 page worth of instructions from the vet and hope all goes well and they heal nicely. =) And I also hope they'll forget it was I who brought them there. >.< 

Please spay/neuter all your pets. It's really important.

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