Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 254 - FurryDay3

3rd FurryDay by Gentle Paws! And I feel that this was my 'best' picture for the day. =) I totally love his face. Oh and I'm now his 'handler' for the dog training sessions conducted by a dog trainer at Gentle Paws. Trying to get him to respond more to me, trust me and like me more. =)

FurryDay today was a success. About 50 people attended, and quite a few drove. Ferrying the dogs to and from Pasir Ris Park was quite a breeze. Though we didn't have enough dogs for everyone. Lol. Sounds odd. But there were some volunteers standing around most of the time. Felt kind of bad.

Oh and I had a crazy time running around looking for all the dogs to get a picture of them. =( I was driver + photographer of the day. Not enough time and energy. Furthermore, not all the dogs get along well with each other. Hard time finding everyone. =(

BUT! I had so much fun, as always during FurryDay. =) Tired to the bone though. Goodnight!

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