Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ebisboshi @ Iluma

Went to Bugis with Kar to look for the stupid strings thing (koshi-himo) for yukata. Had dinner at Ebisboshi at Iluma. Ermmm. That restaurant place is actually 3 restaurants sharing one entrance. =.= And so we ended up in the wrong restaurant. Lol. But then again, they had a pretty comprehensive menu, so all was fine. 

So many restaurants

My curry pork cutlet! I like. 

This was really good. Very authentic-tasting (according to me, but I might be wrong). I like!

Kar's weird fish.

Custard Pudding
All the food items were not bad, but the custard pudding was the worst decision possible. =( There went my dessert. But at least there was Koi to make up for it. =D 

Though we didn't buy the koshi-himo in the end, I had fun. Hurrrr. 

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