Friday, August 27, 2010

Dog/Cat Stroller

Whenever I bring Thierry to the vet, I use the Ferplast carrier I've always been using (like the one above). There's only one handle above and Thierry keeps sitting on one end, making it too unbalanced. And the carrier's too big for him too. =.= He takes up like about half the space inside. And the carrier's not very light too. But it's a once a year (unless ill) thing to bring him out, so I haven't had much complains, though I would've liked to be able to bring him out, safely, to walk around.

But it's quite useful when I bring the kittens to the vet (quite often because of their vaccinations and soon-to-come sterilisation). Though it's getting really too heavy and my fingers get bruised from carrying the carrier with the weird handle. And I almost dropped them too. =( Almost. And it'e very difficult to maneuver the carrier when I bring them to the vet, alone. A little too big for the front passenger seat. 

Thierry weighs at about 4.1kg, while the kittens are now about 2.4kg each. Imagine the weight, all on one handle. T__T

I have this in blue
When I 1st brought the kittens home, I actually used Thumper's carrier, the one above. They were then about 1.4kg each, and could fit comfortable into this carrier. Fat hope now. THEY HAVE GROWN SO MUCH!!

So now, I've been looking around for a dog stroller with removable carriage/carrier so I can push them in the stroller to the car, load into the car, and bring the carrier into the vet's easily. Without feeling like I'm moving a block of concrete. 

For the past few days, I've been looking around for a dog stroller for my cats. Scouring online shops in Singapore is no mean feat. Especially when you're buying something that not everyone stocks/buys. Turnover a low, and cost is high. *headache* And noone replied in the forum about cat-safe strollers. 

The thing about getting a cat-safe stroller was that it had to have a zip closure. At first, I wanted the stroller that looked like a baby's pram (those with the high-ceiling). It had a larger carriage, meaning bigger space for the cats. But if I wanted to load the stroller into the car, the carriage is not detachable. Those with removable carriages are smaller, and definitely does not come in the pram-kind. 

Pram-like dog stroller
I wanted something similar. Definitely not in pink. =.= Too.... weird. Lol. 

Stroller with removable carrier
Can you see the difference in carriage size? I was going to settle for something similar. But decided that I should look around more for more choices. I even went to a few pet shops to look for strollers and see the sizes for myself. I'm going to have a very big problem when Muffin and Snowball's sterilisation date rolls around next month. How to handle them both carefully when the carrier is too heavy for me to carry? =(

I think I might have found the perfect stroller. 

PetZip Backpack Jogger Stroller from
It's not cheap though. At US$110 (excluding shipping), it's quite pricey. Furthermore, it'll be international shipping. I tried checking out my cart to see the total price, and after doing some currency conversion, I estimate that this stroller will probably set me back by about S$330. OH MY GOSH. So damn expensive. Maybe one day when money falls from the sky into my lap (or when I save enough). Okay, found one at that including shipping to Singapore will add up to about S$260++? So much cheaper!!

But the thing is, it looks big enough. And the carriage is removable, and can be carried by the side, or as a backpack. How awesome is that? And there's a bottom compartment to store things. And cupholders! And can hold up to 25lbs (usual is about 10-15lbs)!

Anyone knows where I might be able to find in-stocks for pet strollers? Or get a pet shop to import this for me? =( Who wants to offer to buy it for me? =/

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