Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Coffee Connoisseur @ Terminal 3

Went to Changi Airport Terminal 3 today. With him and Sis. Hurrr. Settled down at The Coffee Connoisseur. He to study, Sis to mark her work. Me? Ermmm... to eat? To study? To read? To play? I brought along my notes, a book and my DSlite. I ended up taking pictures of food and eating the food instead. =X

Shrooms Bite
 This is yummy! I like everything about it except the corn in the filling. Weird taste.

Deluxe Snack Platter (Golden Fried Prawns, Onion Rings and Calamari Rings)
 This was pretty good! Pick 3 out of the 6 kinds of finger food they have to make a platter. All items on this platter were good! Love the prawns especially. But like... 4pcs? =.=

Hazelnut Latte
 Hehe. I love latte/mocha/mocha latte. And the Hazelnut Latte was nice!! So pretty too. =D

Mint-Choc Frapp√©
 His Mint-choc Frapp√©. Erm. I don't like mint in my drinks. =X

Frutti Delight
 Sis' Frutti Delight. She already started stirring it before I took a picture. =(

Saw damn awesome sunset on the way home. It's always from the TPE -> SLE direction! And there's a flyover area of the TPE where there's not many trees/streetlamps around. Too bad we can't stop on the road shoulder to take pictures. =( I keep seeing awesome sunsets in that direction. T____T

Sunset! Trees blocking. =(
Trees still blocking. T___T
By the time I took out my camera, we passed the flyover. *sigh* Better luck next time! Hurr.

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