Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alive Gallery + Popeye's + Neoprints!

Ti arranged for us to go the the Alive Gallery at Downtown East today. Hurrr. We finally have a day to meet up again!
Ti (Bishan) picked me (AMK) --> Eueu (AMK) --> Jas (Queenstown) --> Kar (Pasir Ris) then we went to Downtown East. Wah. She drove so much. O.O And we waited soooooo loooonnnnngggg for Jas. Lol.

Headed straight to the Alive Gallery and got our tickets for like $8 each! Some offer. Photo-taking not allowed inside other than at 1 locations marked with a box. =.= Anyway the two marked boxes are facing this 3D art piece where you can stand inside and look like you're inside the painting. Quite cool, but the lighting inside sucks. Brought the wrong lens out again for the 747357th time. =(

Eueu and Jas. 
Most of the pictures turned out looking like the one above, so not many pictures to post anyway. Haha. I preferred the next location anyway.

Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night
This is so so so much more colorful. And brighter. =D

Lamp in the 'painting'.
Overall, so-so. Some pretty interesting paintings and 3D stuff with information and all. Oh and there's an interactive Mona Lisa! BUT HER HAND IS SO UGLY!!! She waved at us and her hand/palm WAS LIKE A MAN'S. *horror*

Went to Popeye's for dinner after that!

One very small portion
Our table was FULL of food! Lol. Had trouble finishing everything. But I LOVE THE BISCUITS!!! With jam. =D

Walked to the lift and actually saw Candy and Yemin at Gelare!! Seriously, it was like FYP all over again. Lol. So coincidental. Wheee~~ Arcade next! And we even took neoprints! Last one with all us 5 was during FYP. Like 3years back?! O.O

Took picture of the machine.
Haha. Bigger photo. But Eueu and Kar had better pictures because they were standing in front of the screen. Not enough space to squeeze us all in because the machine was backed up near the wall. =.=

Snapping away

Ti sent us all home after. Hurrr. I enjoyed today!! =D

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