Friday, July 23, 2010

We went to Malaysia... in Singapore. O.O

Old-school parking ticket!! I parked in Malaysia!!
Click for more pictures!
Went to the Railway Station somewhere along Keppel Road after our final exam for this current module! =D I brought only the 35mm f/2.8 manual lens out. Lol. And they were having alot of fun trying out the focusing thing. Hurrr. Pardon the out-of-focus pictures. =)

Kar + Siti
Me + Eueu
My prata!! Onion and Plain!
CUTE (Kar told me to add) old lady drinking Teh Halia.

Railway Food Station
Railway tracks
Ticket Counter.
I've never been there before! 1st time. And it seriously felt like its Malaysia. Like we were in another country. LOL. And we were planning to go somewhere via train. I wonder when that will happen. =)


  1. i like this post cos got cute old woman

  2. Ya la Ya la. Hahahaha. Pretty old. =P