Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Princess and The Frog

I finally watched The Princess and The Frog!!! 

It was quite funny. Pretty good. But a little dumb. Haha. Am I outgrowing Disney's Princesses?!!?! NOOooooo... Lol. But anyway, not a bad movie! But not worth a movie ticket price. Maybe buy the DVD, watch it, then give it to your younger relative or something. Kids will watch it again and again and again. Make your money's worth. Hahahaha.

There was a scene that was bloody funny in the movie. Okay, there's this huge bunch of fireflies, and some are like really old and all that. Each and every one was different. 

And I spotted something weird:
Granny Firefly
UHHH!!! Do fireflies need that walker thing??!?!! BUT THEY DON'T WALK!! O.O And I thought fireflies have super short lifespans?? How did this one get so old? (but I might be wrong) O.O Hahahahahhaa

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