Monday, July 12, 2010

Lousy Carparks.

Erm. Sometimes, Sis and I will jokingly (sometimes NOT jokingly) wonder if the architects of shopping malls forgot about the carparks until they finished designing it. THEN add onto the mall design and call it a day.

Apparently it doesn't matter if the carpark...:
1) Has very narrow lanes
2) Requires drivers to drive up like 4-6 storeys in a spiral to reach the 1st parking level (DIZZY!).
3) Has extremely tight turns.
4) Has entrances that are like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
5) Has seriously little lots for a mall that size. PROPORTION!!!! Big mall = Big carpark!!! Not small carpark!!!

And that's not all. I just can't remember all the problems. =.= But the above is damaging enough. Points 1-3 will damage your car if you're not careful. 4 causes problems for drivers behind you on the road (imagine slowing down and even stopping or turning abruptly because you can't find the carpark entrance) and might even cause accidents. 5 is just..... STUPID.

List of some carparks I hate to drive to (in alphabetical order):

Erm. Often have to queue outside the carpark because it's full, and slowly roll down the spiral ramp into the Basement 2 carpark. =.= Even tighter turns on the way up.

-Balestier Point
I don't even know why I went to this particular carpark. I was supposed to visit Deckie (the dog from Gentle Paws) at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre at Balestier 288, and I thought I should park there since it's a mall and just opposite Balestier 288. BIGGEST MISTAKE! I couldn't find the carpark entrance!!! Circled the area like 3 times before trying my luck at some really dubious-looking road wayyyy before the mall came into view and found it. And the carpark started on the 3rd/4th floor. And very little lots. AND mostly season/reserved parking only. Also, there's no lift down unless I know someone in the damn building who can buzz me in the locked door to the lift. Thus having to climb down like 4 storeys, via stairs.

-Bishan Junction 8
Uh. Very little lots, very cramped parking spaces. Highly likely to knock into another person's car. Not that I've actually hit one before. Lol. I get stressed in that carpark. =(

-Orchard Central
Drive up 5(? or 4?) storeys to get to the carpark. Everyone in the car gets dizzy. Including the driver. Very tight turns inside the carpark itself. Coming back down is also a nightmare. O.O

-Plaza Singapura
I don't have much to complain about this carpark, but just 2 things. One, it starts on the 2nd floor. Not that bad, right? Nono. But if you can't find a lot on that level, then only way is down to level 2 (lowest level for the carpark) and up again. And I think the highest that carpark goes is like until the 8th floor?!?!! Best if you just go straight on to the higher levels 1st then slowly make your way down to find a parking lot.

-Royal Plaza on Scotts
THIS CARPARK IS SO OBSCURE!! AND SO OLD! Like it's going to collapse any moment!! And it's not even connected to the hotel!! You have to exit the carpark and walk across this small alleyway to enter the hotel via a dingy-looking door. O.O The restaurant Carousel there is awesome though.

You have to pick either the upper level carpark or the basement carpark. And I don't think you can crossover to the other when you get in?? Very confusing.

-Tampines One
It's freakin' ONE WAY inside the carpark!!! I don't think it's very nice for people to stop and wait for a lot on a one way road, so it's very frustrating when you can't find one on a crowded day. And very very very little lots for a mall of that size!!!

-Tiong Bahru Plaza
Not many lots, but still not too bad. But some lots are placed in weird places/directions, and very dangerous because they're very near the slope with cars coming down quite quickly at basement 2.

-Vivo City
Round round round up to the parking level. =.= And they have so many carpark entrance signs along the road, which do you follow!?!??!

There're probably many more carparks that are worse (many of these are HDB's multi-storey carparks), but these are carparks of shopping malls that I'm talking about. Why design carparks like that??!?!

What caused this sudden blog post? Well, this news article I saw on did. =.= Police car crashed into a wall at Orchard Central. Wow.

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  1. some places dont have proper planning when it comes to building the carparks.. that's why i think =/