Saturday, July 03, 2010

Karkar's Early Birthday Celebration + Kite-flying

Today, we went to the Marina Barrage to pre-celebrate Kar's birthday! To fly-kite and have a picnic. Lol. 

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Had lab till 12pm. There was super heavy rain during lab, and we were all super worried the rain wouldn't stop, but it lightened up after lab!! Then rushed to Tiong Bahru Plaza to buy all the picnic food. And also to buy some games (fei ji qi, snap, old maid). All super old-school kinds. Took us awhile to find them. Lol. Nobody plays these games nowadays?!?!

Anyway I only brought my Sony Cybershot out. =X And I stupidly forgot to bring the remote for the DSLR so we could use on Kar's and Jas' DSLRs. =.= Stupid me. I swear never to forgot this, ever again.  

Ready to fly kite!

Setting up other kite. 
I should really throw the plastic kite away. =.= Can't fly properly. I want another kite. Lol.

Uh. Our kite was really near. =.=
I want this kite!!!

Unravelling tangles.

Jas and her new D5000!
Bird at the bottom. =.=

I want to go back to Marina Bay Sands!!
Taking a picture of you taking a picture of us.
Finished flying kite, then played FeiJiQi, Old Maid and Memory Game. Lol. Super fun and old school. Shifted to the Marina Bridge for some photo taking! Took loads of jumpshots using Jas' camera, and took some using my little Cybershot.
What are they looking at??
Lol. Only Kar is prepared to jump.

Yay! Successful shot 1!
Successful shot 2!!
Only 2 successful shots of all of us in the air. I want to take more!!! Lol. Need to remember remote, or we'd end up running to and from the camera, again and again. Super tiring.


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