Monday, July 05, 2010

Impromptu JB Trip!

Today's Youth Day in Singapore. Last night, Mum, Sis and I were discussing, and well, we decided to go to Johor Bahru for the day!! =D We've never done this before. As in all 3 of us.

Sis told me that I shouldn't bring my DSLR to JB, so only my trusty Cybershot was with me. =( Loads of random photos!

On the way there...

Parked at the Woodlands' Terminal or whatever you call it, and got some cash changed to Ringgit, then headed over to the customs. Took a bus in! And bloody jammed all the way there.

Finally reached and walked over to City Square! The main point of the trip today was....

Thai Odyssey. Thai Massage
!!! Made appointments and went to eat 1st before going back for the massage. Mum and I booked an hour-long full body Thai massage and Sis booked an hour-long foot massage. Exciting!

Nippon Yataimura
Uhhhh. Pikachu? 

Salmon Sashimi! Niceeee.
Me and Mum.
Place was quite dim, so most of the pictures were blur. =(

Sis' favourite.
Sis + Me. 
Yuzu Icecream
Our bill.
Went to get our massages after that, and BOY WAS IT GOOD!! The lady who gave me the massage twisted me into a thousand and one shapes. LOL. But so so so shiok. I want to go again!!! Can I have full body + foot massage?! Lol.

Walked around the mall and we each bought a pair of shoes! I finally found the pair of Crocs that I wanted. =D

There wasn't enough time to shop around much because we went pretty late, so we bought some food and left.
I used to love this brand of bubblegum. But it's not the same anymore. It's not soft and chewy and easy to form bubbles. It's bloody hard and not elastic. =( 

Went home!! I want to go again!!

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