Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 204 - Crocs' Crocband Flat

Crocs' Crocband Flat
I finally bought a pair of Crocs!!! Still not very sure about long-lasting comfort, so I'll wear for short periods of time at the moment. Not going to risk it by wearing to work. Lol.Yay! And the Crocband Flat looks so cute! Nicer than the usual shoes by Crocs. Hurrrr.

Bought this pair at the start of the month during the trip to JB for RM139. Hur. Because being the stupid me, I didn't buy when I 1st saw it at Crocs' new outlet at J8, and they ran out of my size. So, when I saw it at JB, I knew I had to get it. Otherwise there wouldn't be anymore stock. T_T

Yay! *happy*

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