Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 193 - Furry Slippers

Pink Furry Slippers + Blue-Green Toenails!

Finally did a pedicure last Friday. I seriously thought that color was green until Eueu pointed out that it looks like the Tiffany&Co color. Hahahaha. Nice. =D But still not close enough though. =3

Anyway, my pink fluffy slippers are from Cotton On Body! Since super long ago. Bought it at the Bishan J8 outlet. Can you imagine how long ago that was?!?! That outlet has been closed since many months ago. O.O Probably around the start of the year if I remember correctly. My slippers are very comfy! Just sad because after wearing it for awhile, the fluff will flatten. But I needed slippers because I applied lotion on my very dry feet. Hahaha.

Can you tell that I'm bored? =X

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