Wednesday, July 07, 2010

2AM and 2PM

The other day Sis and I were watching some advertisement, and I was telling her that recently Samsung had some promotion, where you have to buy a certain phone of theirs to win tickets to watch 2PM or something. Then the advert on TV (Sheng Siong Ad) said 2AM was coming to SG. =.= I swore I thought that was a boyband called 2PM and she didn't believe me. 

2PM (from Wiki)
2AM (from Wiki)
So anyway, I WAS RIGHT!!!! Seriously wtf. 2PM and 2AM WERE FROM THE SAME BOYBAND CALLED ONEDAY. =.= Branched out into 2 groups. Like seriously...?!?!?!?

What is wrong with the many many boybands from South Korea these days anyway? Gone were the days of Rain/DBSK. =( Now they all sound like clones. BAHHHHH. 

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  1. 2PM are sexy guys hor!!! 2AM are just ballads guys who look damn ugly to me.. hohoho =D