Friday, June 25, 2010

My 1st Blood Donation Experience.

Blood Donation Drive at Kallang Community Club
Finally mustered the courage to go for a blood donation last Sunday... but failed to donate. =.= 

Pictures after the jump!

My sticker.
Got the sticker after handing in the filled-out form for verification and all that.
Finger pricked for the haemoglobin test.
Next was the haemoglobin test to check if I have enough red blood cells or whatever. Lol. Wasn't paying much attention. =X

Eunice looking scared.
Her 2nd time donating! Along with Siti and Kar.

Kar in the 'donation bed'. 
There were 2 sides of beds facing each other, Kar and I were on the same side, while Siti and Eunice were on the opposite side. Apparently, the nurse tending to Kar and I told both of us that we cannot donate because she couldn't 'find our vein'. Like seriously? I could see the one on my left arm though... =( But Siti and Eunice could donate. Maybe it's just the nurse........

Donation in progress.
Look at the thick needle!!
Iron tablets.
Trying to stop the bleeding. 
Siti's turn!
Ryan turned up to donate, with Weiming tagging along. Lol. Erm Too bad he came later because right after we filled in the form, a horde of people (like 50) came in to donate blood. I overheard that the Red Cross Society gathered them.

Since Kar and I couldn't donate blood, we were just standing around looking at people. And me busy taking pictures. And somehow, the lady-in-charge got us to sign up to donate our bone marrow, if there's a match. Like seriously? I've watched enough episodes of House to know that it hurts. But then again, there's the other blood aspiration method (though it takes longer) that doesn't hurt. So, why not?

Eunice getting psycho-ed into donating her bone marrow.
Hahahha. Filling out the Bone Marrow Donation form.
Siti's bandage. Woot! Pink with purple hearts!!
Eunice's. Blue with blue cars! 
Very fat needle.
In it goes...
Oooo look! Blood! 
Yellow bandage with beeees.
At the end of the day, not only did I not donate any blood, I signed up for donating my bone marrow. I kind of hope to help someone in need though.... but I'm afraid of pain >.<

Bone Marrow Donor Programme Card.

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