Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day!

Dim Sum!
Celebrated Fathers' Day in the afternoon! =) Peach Garden @ Thomson Plaza. Been salivating over the pictures of the Peking Duck since Mothers' Day.

Peking Duck!! 
 Wah totally love this so so so much!!! It's so yummy!!

Duck meat Yee Mee.
Used the leftover duck meat from the Peking duck and ordered this yee mee dish. Why do they always serve it last?!?! We were all too bloated from the dimsum/century egg porridge/random food to eat this. >.< But still, the noodles were damn good.

Everyone should try eating there, at least once.

P.S: I forgot to take pictures of Grandpa and Dad. =.= Food obsession. =.=

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