Monday, June 07, 2010

Day 158 - Tabby Kitten

Tabby Kitten!
Need names. Lol. There're many suggestions (thanksssss)!! And voting from Sis, Bro, Hao have narrowed it down to.....

Sis: Turnip (black) + Turtle (tabby), Snowball (black)
She's trying to be ironic. Because... well, you can see. It's so obvious. =.=

Bro: Totti + Messi 
Quite nice. Hahaha. We can really form our own football club already. =X

Hao: Oreo (black) + Muffin (tabby)
I think Muffin's name is going to stick. But.... I bet Sis will win with her vote for Snowball.

Me: Taffy (black) + Tiffy (tabby)
VERY LAME MEH?! T_T That's what I heard from Sis' and Bro's feedbacks. =.= Thanks ah.


  1. woman its already day 168. or rather 169 since its alr 1am. =x

  2. Ya ya T_T No time to edit my pictures.... TOO MANY!! T_T