Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My Name

Mum was digging her drawers for some stuff the other day and called me over when she found this. 

Kinderland Progress Report
In Singapore, we have kindergarten. And all 3 of us were enrolled in Kinderland. And proof of my name is on it!!! LOL.
Janicia Tan Jialing
Janicia is not on my Identification Card because Mum thought of the name after I was registered. So no english name officially. And when I turned 16, I didn't know we could pay a little more to change our name when we made our IC. =.= And because I lost my IC once, if I were to change my name and remake my IC, it's going to cost me $300. =.= Zzzzz.

I didn't use it when I went to Primary/Secondary school. I had some weird habit that I didn't like to say my name. Even my chinese one. Yes yes, I'm weird.

But anyhow, this is my name, and I'm now happy to use it. 

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