Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!

Peach Garden @ Thomson Plaza

This year for Mothers' Day, Sis made reservations at Peach Garden!! Heard that the Peking Duck (Beijing Duck) is very very good. =D

Pictures of the yummy food we had after the jump!

Har Gao (Har Gow?)
Fried Chicken Wings!
My favorite kind of Zhu Chang Fen. =)
Century Egg Porridge!
Fried Carrot Cake!
Interesting style of carrot cake. Hurhurhur. Nice!

Wasabi Prawns
Erm. Sis' friends reccommended this dish. Erm. It was okay, but I don't really like wasabi. Neither does my family. LOL. But it was not bad, not too spicy.

Cucumber and spring onion strips + dipping sauce!!!
Above stuff for the Peking Duck! =D Love love love the sauce! So yummy!! And cucumbers + spring onion wrapped together, heavenly!! 

Hahaha. THIS IS SO AWESOME! Everyone should eat Peking duck. Serious. And the crepe is so perfect. Wah wah wah. I want to eat it now!!! Oh the meat was used to cook duck meat yee mee, but we had it packed for takeaway because we all couldn't eat anymore. Too bloated. Hurrr.

Happy Mothers' Day!!

P.S: Totally forgot to take pictures of Grandma and Mummy. =.=

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