Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 148 - BBQ

Chicken Wings!
Went Wild Wild Wet today with Eueu, Ti and Kar. I can feel my sunburn already. And we dropped by Gentle Paws for awhile, then headed to East Coast to meet Ryan and WeiMing for BBQ! Lol. Very budget BBQ.

We had like 4 kinds of food: Chicken wings, hotdogs, crabsticks and otah. LOL!!! But very very filling!! Love the wings btw. I wonder how the guys made the marinade. Has like loads of chopped garlic in it! Very yummy. Did retarded things like play 'badminton' with the BBQ fan and bottle caps.

Small BBQ, but very relaxing and fun. And 1st time I ate so many wings during a BBQ. =D

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