Thursday, May 06, 2010

Day 126 - National Orchid Garden

We went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens on a whim 2 days ago. And I wanted to visit the National Orchid Garden, so we went. AND! We totally parked at the wrong place, which led to us walking damn bloody far to get there. T___T Ok at least to me, it was bloody far.

The National Orchid Garden was very nice. Small, but nice. There were many varieties of orchids, but not many nice/clean backgrounds for photo-taking. I had to edit my pictures like crazy. Or maybe it's just me being a lousy photographer/picture-snapper. =(

So well, for the next few days, you'll probably see plenty of orchid pictures! =D

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  1. wow...i was there like 10 over years ago....time flies...:-(