Friday, May 28, 2010


Had a BBQ today! Hahaha. Didn't lift a finger though. =X 

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The guys (Weiming and Ryan) prepared all the food and everything. All I did was to fetch the rest of us there! Hahaha. Shiokness.

Kar and her new HTC Legend
Weiming setting up the 'bbq pit'
Kar finally looked up from her phone.
Eueu and Ryan went to get water.
Siti and Eueu.
Fire starting!!!
Erm. LOL
Wah chicken wings!!
I love the way they marinated the wings!!!! Loads of chopped garlic in the marinade!! Very very yummy.

Poking sausages. 
Waiting for food to cook
Guess the missing drink....???
We got bored and started playing. With the straw fans. Like badminton? LOL. Using seeds and bottlecaps as the shuttlecock. Hahahahaha. Can you spot the bottlecap in the pictures below??

Anyway it was the 1st time all the food for BBQ was ever finished. Especially the chicken wings. O.O Can I have the recipe, please??

BBQ started at like 4pm, ended around 630pm. Earliest BBQ, ever. LOL

I had fun! We should do this again.

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