Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Manhattan Fish Market

Went to Plaza Singapura with Mum, Sis and Bro to get Bro his new phone, but since he couldn't decide, we didn't buy and went to eat dinner instead. Lol. Oh I went there with Mum first, then Bro and Sis joined us. Which meant we had 2 cars... =.= Oh and I totally couldn't find the car. Zzz.

Dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market!
Mum + Sis
Bro + Me
Front: Cream of Mushroom
Back: Seafood Chowder
Platter for 2?
I think it's the standard platter? NICEEEE.... The fish was pretty nice! And love it when you eat the rice mixed with the cream sauce thing on the prawns. =D

We ordered something else too!!!
Lobster platter for 2?
This was actually very nice! And 2 such platters = too much food for 4. =.= Seriously, one platter can feed 3 people comfortably. But food was very very gooooddd! =D

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